• Feel completely confident using natural light in your home, studio or outdoors to achieve professional results 100% of the time. 
  • Finally have control over the outcome of your photography so your results are just as good as the vision in your mind. 
  • Feel assured that you can go outside and light your subject beautifully no matter what the weather or time of day 
  • Never worry again about difficult lighting situations or where to place your subject 
  • Achieve tack sharp images with soft blurred backgrounds

  • Actually get your moneys worth from that fancy equipment by creating professional quality portraits with that elusive “wow” factor  
  • Create a drool-worthy portfolio and deliver consistent results to clients in every shoot  
  • Finally charge professional prices because customers are seeking you for the quality of your work  
  • Never miss another moment or have to reshoot a session due to challenging lighting frustrations 
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and we created lighting essentials for photographers just like you. We’re moms and photographers who started out exactly where you are, understanding your camera, but not knowing the next steps to take your work from “meh” to marvelous!

We know how crucial it is to master lighting if you want beautiful results. Together we have over 25 years experience in the professional photography industry creating internationally recognized work, attracting celebrity clientele and landing major commercial deals. So weird because we both just turned 21! We’ve learned a thing or two about how to deal with challenging situations (hello mid-day sun with toddlers at nap time!).

When we’re not chasing our own kids with a camera, we love sharing what we know to help you realize your potential as a photographer. In Lighting Essentials, we’re handing over our step by step formula to transform your photo frustrations into killer confidence.

Master fundamental natural lighting patterns to get precisely the look you want, both indoors + out 

Take great indoor images of children even if you don’t have a studio 

Know where to go when you’re outside, even if the background is less than ideal 

Tackle challenging situations like high sun and still get great results 

Choose what gear will work best in different lighting situations and why

Know where to position your subject relative to the light source 

Achieve sharp focus and professional quality in your portrait photography

6 video modules that will teach you our full natural light portrait essentials (indoors and out!)

3 go-to techniques you can use no matter WHAT your lighting situation is to get a great result every time

Comprehensive How-to PDF guide with sample images and diagrams

10 ways to ensure razor sharp focus in your portraits

Child safety bonus PDF you can begin using in all of your sessions

Optional image critiques to gain valuable feedback and helpful suggestions to improve your portfolio

Access to our private facebook group for community support and peer learning

3 Bonus Video modules of Laura photographing clients on location



The comprehensive Lighting Essentials Course is $59  

  • 6 Video Modules
  • PDF Guide with DiagramsChild Safety Bonus
  • Facebook Community
  • 3 Bonus real-live videos of photo sessions

You know how to use your DSLR (fancy digital) camera , but need help lighting your subject in a variety of situations like indoors or in full sun. 

You can achieve proper exposure, but can’t quite make your images turn out as good as you envision them. 

Sometimes you love your images, but other times you feel they don’t measure up. 

You’re not sure of exactly what proper lighting looks like or how to achieve professional results no matter what kind of natural light you’re working with. 

You need confidence dealing with lighting challenges on the spot. You’re disappointed when you miss the moment due to technical hick-ups like focus and lighting. 

You’re trying to build a strong portfolio and thrill your clients with the quality of your work.

You want more control over the final photo and need to deliver more consistent results.

“This course is a solid foundation in how to position subjects in natural lighting situations both indoors and out. I took this course when I was beginning my professional career as a photographer in a natural light studio (we also photographed family sessions outdoors in the fall and spring). I found it so helpful! The content is clear and concise and presented in an order that is easy to understand. I remember feeling so nervous about "finding the light" when meeting clients at an outdoor location. I would often capture wonderful expressions and moments however the subject's eyes were never lit the way I would see in other photographer's work. Through this course, I learned basic strategies of how to position the subject so their faces would be lit appropriately and there were catchlights in their eyes. When starting out, I always had the subject looking towards the light source. In this course, I learned the magic of having their backs to the sun and bouncing soft light into their faces with a reflector; how to locate "even shade" even on sunny days, and where to position myself and my lens to best light the subject. Having this knowledge, and practicing the techniques very much improved the overall quality of my work. Now I can capture catch lights for days!”

What level of skill should I be at to take this course? Learning the proper way to light your subject with natural light is an important skill every level of photographer can master to improve their work. Lighting Essentials is best suited for photographers who understand how to obtain proper exposure in their DSLR, but still don’t get consistently professional results. You’ll learn how to overcome challenging natural lighting situations that still stump many of the high level professionals we work with and achieve tack-sharp, consistent results. 

I have an established portfolio, will this course still be beneficial? If you identified with any of the statements above, YES! Lighting essentials is for those who understand the technical side of exposure, but still don’t feel confident in getting professional results 100% of the time. If you’re still frustrated with photos that don’t turn out as good as you want them to, mastering the use of natural light can help you solve the puzzle! If you still worry about where to position subjects or whether or not they’ll be in focus, we’ve got you covered. 

Does this course teach Manual Exposure? We do talk about the best camera settings to use in various natural light set ups, but you should already know how to operate your DSLR for proper exposure to get the most out of the class. If you don’t yet understand terms like ISO, Shutter, and Aperture, check out some of our other courses first! 

If I don’t have a business yet or I’m still portfolio building will this course help me? Yes! This course is a great foundation for building a high quality portfolio. No one wants to start charging for sessions and then stress about how the photos will turn out. Lighting essentials will give you confidence in delivering consistent results to clients.

I’m just a hobbyist who loves improving my craft, is Lighting Essentials a good fit? If your goal is to create beautiful, high quality portraits that you are proud to share with the world, Lighting Essentials goes over the crucial lighting patterns you need to know to make your art match your vision.